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Simple Alarm Clock is an alarm clock for Android smartphones and tablets that brings pure alarm experience to you by combining powerful features and clean interface.

The interface of our Alarm clock is designed to be simple, intuitive and efficient. By removing what is not essential, we make access to everything you need even easier.

Guaranteed no ads!


Q: How can I install an MP3 sound?

A: Use external MP3 Cutter application.

Q:where can I get more ringtones:

A: Install some ringtone application, for example Zedge.

Enjoy pure alarm experience!

You can purchase premium version to support developers and open access to premium features.

*** Premium features ***

• Thanks to our public beta test and Free version, all features are first tested thourough for several weeks. When we sure that everything is absolutely stable, new features make it into the premium version. This means that premium version is always rock solid.

• Since we don't have any bugs in Premium version, there is no need for internet access, which is present in the free version to report issues.

*** Free features ***

• Low volume gentle alarm which starts some time before the main alarm. When you are in good sleep phase to wake up, you will hear the low volume alarm and wake up most refreshed. 30 minutes is most of the time enough to catch the fast sleep phase. This is one of the functions which qualify for a smart alarm clock.

• Cool time picker like in Jelly Bean. No more spinning, only phone-style keyboard!

• Multiple alarms

• Recurring alarms (weekdays, weekends, etc)

• Standard Android ringtones or ringtones provided by an external apps

• Volume fade in and vibration starting only after completed fade in

• Configurable snooze duration and alarm volume

• Snooze for some time with one click or to a snooze to selected time with out time picker

• Longclick to dismiss - prevents accidental alarm dismiss

• Longclick on snooze button for adjustable snooze time with a convenient time picker

The application code is branched from AOSP and is open source. Additional feature requests are appreciated! You can submit bugreports and feature requests by sending an email to developers!

Comments on permissions:


Required for silent bugreports. None of your private data is disclosed. Please see implementation and you can also request access to the crash report document via email.

READ PHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY - required to prevent alarm from ringing during the phone call

PREVENT TABLET FROM SLEEPING PREVENT PHONE FROM SLEEPING - required to keep device awake while playing alarm. The application will not keep the deveice awake longer than required.

MODIFY SYSTEM SETTINGS - if only required to change alarm stream volume

DISABLE YOUR SCREEN LOCK - to dismiss screen lock and show alarm screen. If you are using passwword or pattern to unlock the screen, then after dismissing the alarm alert the screen will be still locked.


RUN AT STARTUP - to schedule alarms when device is started up</br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br>




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